Xbmc library not updating dating and mate selection

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The source is set to the parent of all the shows, just like you describe.

my source path is: smb://myfileserver/Videos/Serier/ inside the Serier folder I have folders for each show.

Content is set to TV Shows, and the "Selected folder contains a single tv show" and "Exclude path from library updates" are not checked.

Kodi can make your massive media collection easy to browse and play, but adding new media is a bit of a chore. Here they are, listed in terms of how easy they are to set up: None of these methods are particularly complicated, but the two add-ons are going to require a bit more effort, with Watchdog being the most work.

Note that there is a different option for Videos and Music.

Toggle those two options and your done: Kodi will now update the library every time you start it up.

Now I need to scan for new content on each of them, or do the Videos- Library settings I have checked the "Update library on startup" and unchecked "Hide progress of library updates", but still there is no indication that it scans the library on startup.

There is no progress indicator and no shows or movies are added. Unfortunately I believe I have the source set up correctly.

Hi all, I am currently running ION Beta 5 and for some reason the library is not updating on start up. Please advise what logs are required and I will provide these ASAP.

Thanks Chris Sent from my HTC One XL using Tapatalk 2 Not sure if it is still relevant, but for other users like me bumping into this topic. /bin/sh ( sleep 10; \ setxkbmap -display :0 be; \ mount -t nfs /storage/videos -o nolock; \ mount -t nfs /storage/music -o nolock; \ mount -t nfs /storage/pictures -o nolock \ )& The problem was solved by removing the ( ... That way the shares are mounted before xbmc starts and updating library works fine.

It works fine except for two library related issues. When I go into TV Shows and select "Scan for new content" from the context menu, it only scans for new content in the folder of the selected show. Since it doesn't show up in the TV Shows list before it's scanned, I have to go back up and into Videos - Files and scan for new content on the actual source of my TV Shows.

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