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This fact led to the curious deduction that the goose spawns from barnacles as a form of asexual reproductive process.

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The barnacle goose is a particularly compelling figure in Gerald’s work because of its endurance in medieval thought for centuries afterwards, featuring in bestiaries and histories alike.

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Als u dit invult zullen we voor u berekeken hoeveel k Wh dit apparaat verbruikt en wat dit kost bij verschillende energiemaatschappijen.

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Rather, it is a production of associations that can be traced through the use of Actor-Network Theory.

This theory, as delineated by Bruno Latour and John Law, permits the examination of the stable arrays of connections that construct a networked object.

Gerald’s ), takes as its subject matter the natural features of Ireland along with miracles and wonders while also interrogating the barbarity of the Irish people through a colonializing lens.

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