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Burak Özçivit was born on 24 December, 1984 in İstanbul.

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Becoming world’s best model opened the gates of the magical world of television and he first appeared in the tv series Kırık Ayna(Broken Mirror) in 2002.

He continued his television career with Metro Palace, Zeytin Dalı and finally starred in 2006 in Hacı tv series.

Adolf Hitler could be about to make a return to German classrooms, after a teachers’ organisation called for his book Mein Kampf to be added to the syllabus — in order to protect children from extremism.

Mein Kampf, a rambling screed which contains Hitler’s thoughts on everything from eugenics and race theory to syphillis and movies, remains a taboo in Germany 90 years after its publication.

Although it has never been officially banned, its publication in the original German has been prevented since 1945 by the state of Bavaria, which owns the copyright.

• Publishing Mein Kampf is the best way to undermine Hitler's poison The book is considered so dangerous that copies in the Bavarian state library are kept in a “poison cabinet” and anyone who wants to read them has to be specially vetted.

However, on the day that his application for an indefinite right to remain was granted, his wife Somayya, 29, and children Aalia, four, and 10-month-old Shakeel - both of whom were born here - were told that they must return to South Africa.

They were given information on contacting South Africa to organise their return.

The copyright expires on New Year’s Day, and a government-funded institute is publishing a new critical edition.

Even though the new edition is aimed at academics and will contain hundreds of pages of notes exposing the flaws in Hitler’s thinking, its release is highly controversial in Germany, and has reopened a national debate on how to deal with the book.

After graduating from high school, he attended to Best Model of Turkey and he was nominated as “promising model”.

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