Wow glyph of intimidating shout

The biggest issue is we can't control our bleeds whatsoever outside of stopping our rotation entirely.

If you pressing a healer and the fc is going down, you decided to shout and switch targets.

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Warriors can also now get Enrage procs from Shield Slam and Devastate critical strikes, as well as also receiving substantial damage buffs to Deep Wounds and Thunderclap.

Ultimatum now activates from a Shield Slam critical strike and will always a critical strike and, lastly, Enraged Regeneration and Impending Victory have both had their healing buffed.

It's not only versatile, but you retain most of your damage (Without the added perk of being able to spam Heroic Strike criticals all over the faces of your opponents like a boss) On top of this, you also have another ability, Sweeping Strikes, which the previous specialization chose not to take advantage of.

Take for example Glyph of Sweeping Strikes, which reduces the rage cost of your Sweeping Strikes ability by 100%.

Massive amounts of damage, virtually unparalleled by any other class up to date. Since Heroic Strike is now one of the main attacks used at this level in Pv P, the talent Incite, is extremely useful to keep up constant critical strikes, and damage. If being able to Pummel and Shield bash without setting you back any rage wasn't good enough, how about being able to spam Piercing Howl on those pesky Druids? So if you ever get caught in a tricky situation that leaves you fighting more than one opponent by yourself, this will come in handy.

Also, as we all know, (I can never stress this enough to other warriors) more critical strikes = more rage GAINED. (Druids cannot shape shift out of the slowing effect Piercing howl, unlike other snares or slows) Yeah, I thought it was pretty damn awesome myself, so why in the hell not specialize into it? Glyphs are pretty easy to choose, since most of them are build specific.

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