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I saw her get one about three weeks ago, and she responded by saying that he never lets her forget how special she is.

“When I went on that run of eight women in eight days, it left me feeling like I had failed at something, was in some ways a disappointment to my mother.”“I’ve hit her (Turquoise), but only in self-defense,” Erving confesses, writing throughout in the present tense. I., until he was 13 was now in his full 6-foot-7 glory. Samantha received $4,000 a month until Alexandra turned 18, with a promise of private school tuition. J also reveals he gave away between $6-10 million to friends.

He was “young, fine and rich” and had found his woman. He’s now in need of cash which explains why he’s letting all the skeletons out the closet.

so when we got him out at LAX Thursday, we had to ask who's on the OTHER side of the hair spectrum in the NBA.

The doctor definitely named names -- calling…Philadelphia Sixers threw the inaugral Youth Foundation Gala last week at the Palestra. Oz, Allen Iverson, Julius Erving, and Sixers CEO Scott O' Neil.

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Check them out via NY Daily News reports: On his ho tendencies: With the Squires, Erving learned about the sexual perks of being a pro baller. I don’t ever touch her unless I’m being attacked.” He married Turquoise in the flush of early stardom just after a messy contract dispute had been resolved, bringing him to the Nets in 1973. If I hit back, then that only enrages Turq more and she’s going to start swinging harder.” Turq’s terms were that Erving would support the child according to a lawyer’s agreement.

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