chhattisgarh girls dating - Ways of updating knowledge of products and technical services

The answer is a threebie, which is a word I just made up specifically for describing a three-part process. A knowledge base, to help customers help themselves Your customers have collectively asked you the same support questions a million times.

If you document the most common support questions and answers, you can publish them in a knowledge base, which is just a centralized library of support articles that your customers can use to find answers to their questions quickly. A study by Coleman Parkes for Amdocs found that 91% of survey respondents would use an online knowledge base if it were available and tailored to their needs.

Whether your product is an open-source script, a Web application or a downloadable product, you will need to provide some form of technical support.

Training on your product line should be tailored to your specific employees' learning styles and methods. Create a written test that evaluates existing knowledge of products.

Range the scope of the test from basic to challenging.

I like to request things and schedule them and get status updates and even seek technical assistance by myself, online, with minimal human interaction. 72% of customers prefer to use self-service support rather than phone or email support, according to Forrester. We don’t just want self-service, we want good self-service.

While good is subjective, here’s are two pretty good tests for what makes the cut and what doesn’t: How do you meet these requirements? Here are the top three technologies you need for successful self-service.

It's easy to ignore documentation, and offer your product to customers without a user guide, help menu, or tutorial. "The goal of documentation is to turn novices into experts," says programmer and blogger Steve Losh.

But if you want to set your team and users up for success, everything needs documentation. "Think of your documentation as a lesson (or series of lessons), because that's what it is.""The goal of documentation is to turn novices into experts." That is, until your tire pops.

They might not read every last page of a manual, but they will search online for help or click through tutorials to learn how to use a product.

Research firm Gartner has found that most people would rather find help documentation online and fix their own problem than call a support center.

You can, however, teach product knowledge to most employees.

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