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We have had about 30,000 reports and the figure is rising."A criminal investigation has now been launched in an effort to track down the person responsible for the virus.Previous viruses, such as Love Bug, Code Red and the Nimda Worm caused problems for millions of computer users across the world.Alex Shipp, spokesman for anti-virus service Message Labs, said: "It's spreading with tremendous speed and thousands of users in Britain have already been sent it."The virus mass mails itself out through e-mail and attempts to destroy anti-virus software on computers, which could prove extremely problematic for those unfortunate enough to receive it."The infected e-mail has the word "Hi" as its subject and body text which reads "When I saw this screen saver, I immediately thought about you.

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You must enter your HWU login and password Use your HWU short username and password to login to Office 365 (the same login details that you use for Vision, the university desktop PCs and eduroam). Word email If the Quick Setup fails on your device, you may need to follow the Operating Specific instructions on the web – see OS Specific: Adding your HWU email account to your mobile device below.

If/when requested the server name is: outlook.office365We recommend that you follow instructions in the Quick Setup: Adding your HWU email account to your mobile device first.

The email service used by HW staff and students is Microsoft Office 365.

Staff using the Outlook client on their desktop will see no real difference at the user interface.

A powerful new computer virus was today causing havoc with e-mail systems across the world.

Experts described the virus, called Goner, as one of the fastest-spreading they had yet seen and warned computer users to immediately delete it if they received it.En effet, beaucoup de personnes nous contactent pour résoudre des erreurs de site internet laissées par des développeurs peu scrupuleux.Tarif : Liste des scripts que nous pouvons ré[email protected] I highly recommend using the stock Power Control widget (or many of the other better versions in the Android market).It'll let you quickly see and control things like Sync, wifi, bluetooth, etc.Freeware, Software, Applications, Tools and Resources Tools for almost everything.

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