Usps priority international tracking not updating is consolodating my student loan smart

Im so confused, i did email the seller about the problem. I also contacted the seller before USPS and was told from them that they contacted USPS which they told them to wait until the end of the week. however they did they if the package didnt show up then they would refund me, but still..

Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. So contacted USPS and they said they dont have the package, they only recieved info from the seller that they are sending the package.

Delivery status information will be provided if / when available.

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Usps priority international tracking not updating

If the package weight exceeds 13oz, better to choose Priority Mail.

The delivery time for Priority Mail is 1 to 3 days which is almost similar to the speedy delivery of First Class mailing service.

Okay, so ive asked this before, but hear me out, its kinda a little odd. The seller sent me a email though amazon saying my package had been shipped, that was sunday (15th) it even included a tracking number and all. When the seller buys and creates the label through Amazon a label is printed out and Amazon automatically sends an email that your package has been shipped.

It will be scanned when it reaches the sorting facility.

The United States Postal Service Tracking is the most preferred postal service in Unites States.

It is very economical way of shipping items for the users and customers. They deliver shipments or packages quickly based on urgency.For international shipments via USPS Priority or USPS First Class, the USPS cannot update your tracking information after the package is transferred to your home country's postal service.Whether your tracking information will continue to be updated at all is entirely at the discretion of the postal service of your country.The list of countries that have access to e Packet is constantly growing.Keep in mind that it’s not possible to offer free shipping on all products.If the package is sent using first class by USPS priority mail tracking , sender receives delivery confirmation as well.

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