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made our list of Top-Rated Free Online Tax Preparation Services. Turbo Tax is one of the most popular online tax preparation and filing software programs in the United States.

Turbo Tax is easy to use, easy to navigate, and accurate.

Year in and year out, Turbo Tax delivers great software, and 2016 is no different.

Yes, Turbo Tax has Cadillac pricing, but the software delivers real value.

However, if you qualify for free filing, Turbo Tax is the best choice because it's great software for FREE.

And though I’ve never gotten a bigger refund from another program, Turbo Tax isn’t the fastest filing service I’ve ever used.

Turbo Tax uses an interview-style tax preparation process, using your answers to a series of simple questions (such as “Do you have any children or dependents?

Since there seemed to be some concerns about the Turbo Tax Deluxe download, which worried me.

I therefore figured I'd better give it a try and post a review on my experience.

We added two more real-world tax filers to our test pool for the 2015 tax year, adding more depth to our assessments of the major tax software packages.

Turbo Tax, which addressed some security problems it faced last year with a revamped authentication program, remains our top pick, while Tax Act has returned as our budget pick after also making some needed security updates.

We’ll update this guide fully before tax day, but we’re sure Turbo Tax will remain our pick for most people.

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