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All three stations adopted their current call letters on January 1, 1987 (the KCWY calls are now located on channel 13 in Casper), and were grouped together as the "Wyoming News Network" until June 2000, when then-owner Benedek Broadcasting closed much of the Casper operation and made the stations semi-satellites of KGWN-TV, the CBS affiliate in Cheyenne.

The stations were sold to Chelsey Broadcasting in 2002, following Benedek's bankruptcy.

Once a duopoly is formed, the acquiring company takes over the operations of its new property.

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There are no immediate changes planned in the station's program schedule.

"We have been grateful for the support of our viewers and donors, and the dedication of our staff, but unfortunately WFUM has not been able to sustain itself financially, like many other businesses in this tough economy," said David Lampe, vice president for communications at U-M.

Over the past two years, the station has experienced a 28 percent decline in member support and business underwriting revenue.

The station has also been obligated to make significant capital expenditures over the past several years related to the federally mandated conversion to digital television, which the station completed in November, 2008.

"And over the last several years, the university has been under growing pressure to reduce costs wherever it can in order to maintain its core commitment to the quality and accessibility of a U-M education.

Under these circumstances, we decided it was best to withdraw from the public television business."As part of its on-going fiscal management process, the university has recently announced several measures intended to cut costs, including restructuring the University Press, decreasing its share of employee health benefit costs, consolidating its central IT operations, and cutting back on non-patient care positions in the Health System."This is a painful decision and we understand how it will affect our staff as well as the supportive Flint community, but we didn't see any way to make it work," Lampe said.

In the United States, the practice of duopolies has been frowned upon when using public airwaves, on the premise that it gives too much influence to one company. Ownership of television stations with overlapping coverage areas was normally not allowed in the United States prior to 2002, even those that were not duopolies under the present legal definition, by way of being located in separate albeit adjacent markets; this required broadcasters to apply for crossownership waivers in some cases to retain full-power stations based in adjacent markets.

However, rules governing radio stations are less restrictive than those for television, allowing as many as six radio stations under common ownership in the largest U. Non-commercial educational broadcasters, mainly those that were members of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), were the only licensees allowed to sign-on or acquire a second television station that did not repeat the parent station's signal in the same market where they already owned a station (some of these acquired stations were originally licensed as commercial outlets).

The University of Michigan plans to discontinue operating Michigan Television (WFUM-TV/Flint) because of shortfalls in revenue since 2005 and the need to control the university's costs in the face of the continuing economic downturn.

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