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Evidently in France, the finding of graves in a painted cave is unprecedented.

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One commentator is Dany Baraud, chief archaeologist at Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs of Aquitaine.

Some hundreds of metres of engravings in the new find depict animals including bison, horses and rhinoceros, plus humans.

Trump Tells Muslim Nations to ‘Drive Out’ the Terrorists in Saudi Arabia Speech In the speech, Trump tried to strike a message of unity to the Muslim world — a stark contrast to his previous comments on Islam.

As a candidate, Trump frequently criticized the religion.

It is true that men have sexual urges and that young women’s attire can distract men. It’s a false nuance to suggest there can be proactive measures done to help children and teenagers not get raped; a prayer cloth isn’t the barrier between whether or not an adult man will make the decision to try and touch you, and I don’t know what would make you think otherwise. Normalizing the compulsion of people who are gifted with the responsibility of guarding children’s lives — whether in an official capacity or a familial one — is not being “realistic.” It is allowing for a space in which predators can have a space in young lives.

It is not a kid’s job to accommodate adults in not sexualizing them.

Father of Times Square car crash victim thanks New York in emotional letter At an impromptu memorial in Times Square, the father of the young woman who was killed there last week has placed a letter of thanks to the city.

A Look at the Texas Border Town at Center of Nation’s Debate Of the 3,800 residents of El Cenizo, about 20 percent are undocumented.

Erykah Badu is an iconic neo soul artist who single-handedly forced tens of thousands of Black men to delete men named “Tyrone” from their address books, which subsequently ruined the name Tyrone for tens of thousands of Black men. Also, on a more superficial level, she’s become perhaps just as well-known for her status as this modern-day Doula Medusa hybrid. A woman whose eyes you dare not look into because her iris will twerk on your soul. She’s the Twitter equivalent of Dikembe Mutombo’s finger-wag.

Anyway, this has given Badu a bit of a mystical aura. But no one has ever defended anything harder than Erykah Badu defends her opinion.

This latest study, a search for three specific mutations, examined the Y chromosome of of men from 163 populations from India, Siberia, East Asia, China, Taiwan, Indonesia and some South Pacific islands.

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