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A lo largo de su carrera, Tom Cruise ha tenido muchos papeles que han ayudado a consolidar su legado, pero ahora está confirmado que va a repetir uno de sus papeles más populares como Maverick para Top Gun 2.

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Speed dating lubbock

The network has successfully held it's reign as King of the cable news networks, for nearly 17 years, but last week the conservative..

Fox News Channel has found itself somewhere it has rarely been the past decade, behind first place.

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The figure in Leonardo Da Vinci's drawing "Vitruvian Man" has four arms and four legs. It's a diagram, showing possible alternative positions for a man's limbs.

Through this device he was able to record successive instantaneous stages of movements onto a single photographic plate. Today, what survives of his research is mainly a kind of look.

In their time, Marey's studies of horses, birds and insects were a revelation. To show bodies multiplied and superimposed has become a normal visual language of motion.

We have catalogued hundreds of haunted houses across the United States and throughout the world.

I'm kind, very dedicated to family and family values.

During an appearance on the Australian morning chat show “Sunrise," Tom Cruise today confirmed that a sequel to the 1986 Tony Scott-directed blockbuster “Top Gun” is “definitely happening.” He was there to promote his upcoming film “The..

After years of rumors, Tom Cruise has confirmed that will indeed be a Top Gun 2.

The wish to imitate the machine and the mechanised image seduced the would-be modern artist.

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