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I've tried extracting the Zip file, however it seems very, very slow.

I left my computer for half an hour and only 5 percent had extracted and my processor usage was on 100 percent, so I gave up.

They are now housed in the Yogyakarta and Surakarta palaces, the University of Leiden, and in the possession of variouscollectors.

Despite the fact that most Javanese commoners have never read Centhini, its verses permeated the folk’s culture through music and arts.

But details of the police account — including the fact that the couple is from a very remote part of Indonesia and appear to have been organizing their wedding with the blessing of their families — suggest that the couple may been organizing their wedding without any concern that it might be controversial.

Neither the couple nor residents of the small village of Wonosobo could be immediately reached by Buzz Feed News to confirm the report, but the police account suggests that this was not a "same-sex wedding." Instead it appears to be the attempt of a trans woman known as Andini Budi Sutrisno to marry a man named Didik Suseno.

The request was denied because Sutrisno is legally designated as male, and the local officials wrote to both families ordering that the wedding be called off.

The police said they were called in by people in the village who objected when the families prepared to hold the ceremony anyway."Indonesian law is clear that marriage in Indonesia must be between a man and a woman," the police statement quoted Criminal Investigation Unit commander Harsono as saying.

It’s been gaining some popularity because it contains eight out of nine essential amino acids, says nutritionist Jim White.

Bone broth proponents say it has similar benefits, because when bones are heated the collagen of breaks down and the amino acids wind up in the broth, he says.

After a short reign of five years, the polyamorous Prince died of syphilis.

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