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Dr Josep Mallolas of Hospital Clinic Barcelona said that the parties are a sign that people have ‘lost respect’ for HIV, reports el Periodico.‘There is everything: sex roulette parties, or sex parties you can only attend if you already have HIV,’ he told the outlet. Over the past week, reports have emerged of this supposed rising new trend called "Sex Roulette" parties.

Picture this scenario: you walk into a room filled with a bunch of naked people. But one of them has an incurable sexually-transmitted infection. The Daily Mail's lengthy headline reads: "Sex roulette parties where one person is secretly HIV and nobody is allowed to use condoms are on the rise, warn doctors." The Mirror reports: "The risky orgies offer the 'thrill' of not knowing whether or not you will be infected - which medics say shows people have 'lost respect' for HIV." But the problem with these reports is a lack of evidence.

The story has been making the rounds since it first appeared on the Spanish news site El Periodico, entitled: "Swingers in Barcelona have a secret AIDS patient as a guest in the orgy".

He told el Periodico that this trend is a sign that people have "lost respect" for the severity of HIV, because it can now be treated. The Daily Mail claims these "thrilling" parties are conducted exclusively by gay men.

Others, like the Parent Herald, have reported it's the latest trend among teenagers.

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