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They wanted to know about the new ideas and innovations percolating around town. Our purpose in starting this magazine is to create a centripetal force to counter the centrifugal force that is the inevitable fact of doing business today. our readers’ attention back to business—and leisure—in Dallas.” Sharon Anderson Wright, president and CEO of Half Price Books, helped the company grow to 90 retail locations in 14 states, with more than 0 million in annual revenue.

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Research about new magazines during one recent multiple-year period showed a whopping 90 percent of them failing, with 50 percent of the titles going belly up in their first year.

That’s why we take such great pride in this issue marking ’s 10th anniversary, which we know would not have been possible without the support of our loyal readers and advertising partners.

When EDS was first incorporated, company industry services were usually only restricted to basic processes such as billing and payroll.

Perot differentiated his business by tackling more complex tasks: installation of systems, facilitating the switch from manual to automated data processing.

From the get-go back in 2006, the magazine has been dedicated to charting the fortunes of North Texas business through the real stories of the area’s business leaders., contributed to making this decade so remarkable.

From challenges, setbacks, and outright failure to great successes, these stories, taken together, help define a region whose economy has been and continues to be dynamic, resilient—and never, ever dull.A Parkcentral spokesman Tuesday confirmed that the fund has been forced to liquidate to pay off creditors, but he declined to elaborate.He blamed the "unprecedented upheaval of the capital markets in general and the freezing of credit markets in particular." The nose dive of commercial real-estate debt marks the latest blow for hedge funds, which globally are having their worst year on record.The information contained herein contains confidential and/or privileged material.Any review, retransmission, dissemination or other use of, or taking of any action in reliance upon, this information by persons or entities other than the intended recipient will be prohibited.Some investment managers are trying to persuade investors to pony up more money to shore up funds.

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