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This time around, revalidation will require that providers and suppliers be screened under the program integrity rules that went into effect under PPACA.In addition, Medicare enrollees who are revalidating will need to provide content for new enrollment forms that were issued in 2011.The fastest and most efficient way to submit your revalidation information is via Internet-based PECOS Web .


If it is not possible to gain confirmation from a line manager or NMC registrant, you can seek confirmation from another health care professional who is regulated in the UK and with whom you work.

For example, you could ask a doctor, dentist or pharmacist.

It is also a good idea to start to develop links with other NMC registrants working in a similar field, this might be through professional forums.

If your line manager is an NMC registrant, the NMC recommend that you have the reflective discussion at the same time as your confirmation discussion. If your line manager is not an NMC registrant, you will need to have the reflective discussion with another NMC registrant before obtaining confirmation.

Revalidation is the method by which you will renew your registration, and is built on Post registration education and practice (Prep).

The purpose of revalidation is to improve public protection by making sure that you remain fit to practice throughout your career.

Thus, many providers and suppliers will likely be unfamiliar with the revalidation process and the disruptive impact of a possible enrollment deactivation for failure to comply with a MAC request.

What Revalidation Means for Providers and Suppliers Revalidation requires more than restating a provider or supplier’s Medicare enrollment file anew.

Medicare-Enrolled Providers and Suppliers to Revalidate by 2015By Jeanne L.

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