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If you find yourself entirely changing for the wrong reasons and wondering, “Who the hell am I?

” you’ve let your non-negotiables in a relationship go.

The love hormones are in full swing and we can feel giddy with excitement, allowing our thoughts to imagine all sorts of happy future scenarios.

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One of you could compromise, but that’s not really an option for the long term, is it?

[Read: 9 relationship stages that all couples go through] Relationship questions to test your compatibility Are you in a relationship with someone for around a year or so?

It's easy to let the excitement of someone liking us take over and make dating decisions based on just wanting to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. If you're answering no to a majority of the dating checklist questions, then this probably isn't going to be a happy or fun relationship.

However, there are some things we should consider in a dating relationship, and a dating checklist makes us think through things clearly. However, the dating checklist is not the be all, end all guide to finding a good person to date.

Especially in today’s society, dating can sometimes feel more like a chore than something fun that will ultimately lead to a partner. You have to find someone you find attractive and who has the qualities you look for in a partner.

I think there are certain things you should never go back on.

Perhaps, there are some overlooked issues that you need to face together.

A new relationship can be both exhilarating as well as scary.

They rush in to woo you, get you emotionally hooked as part of their strategy to gain control.

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