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Last year, the startup launched its Using this technology, Blinq’s Now feature allows its users to use their smartphone’s Bluetooth technology to scan the surrounding area for potential dates at any given time, without the need for GPS signal.

Once a user activates their Bluetooth and enters Blinq, the app will begin searching for other nearby users who meet the criteria for their ideal partner.

Instead of using the same beacon proximity technology it used to installed its Estimote Beacons last September, Blinq teamed up with fellow Swiss startup Uepaa to build its latest feature.

Beacons are great for proximity-based interactions related to things and places, but think about how many people you cross every day and the potential interactions you miss while commuting to work, while you are actually at work or school, or when you go out socialising, dating or networking.

We also realised that competing SDKs of this kind had many limitations: such as the lack of x-platform and background support. Any app owner who wants his app to understand and leverage the proximity of its users can use our SDK.

We are passionate about connecting people’s smartphones directly, peer-to-peer.

Our first product, the , we allow app developers to add a physical dimension to their apps, by enabling direct nearby smartphone-to-smartphone discovery.

Swiss dating startup Blinq has unveiled its second main feature, which uses innovative proximity technology to alert its users when a potential match is nearby.

After two months of development, the Zurich-based dating app launched “Blinq Now”, a new feature designed to help users discover other singles who are located within 50 metres from them.

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Once a users send a Now message, their potential date will receive a push notification directing them to the request on the app.

Using Blinq’s Tinder-style swiping mechanism, the receiving user can then respond with a “Hi” or “Bye”, depending on whether or not they are interested.

When the app detects a potential date, their profile picture is added to the app’s Now interface and the user is notified, giving the requesting user the option to view their profile and send a “Now” message.

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