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The first is straightforward; no fee ever, as long as you have the card. These cards waive a fee in the first year, but they will charge you one in the following years. Cash back rewards The most common rewards program offered without a fee is a cash back rewards program.So, if you’re looking for a simpler rewards system that still offers flexibility, you’re in luck! Do you want a no-fuss system with a single cash back rate across all purchases?

#Scenario 1 If the user select the free plan, we just reactivate its account on our side and do nothing else because we configured the free plan on stripe to cost 0$.

Did we implemented the right process with our free plan? As far as I know this is the best way of implementing free plans using Stripe, I would just probably make sure that customers weren't sent any invoices unless it was required.

These can include (but aren’t limited to) gas, groceries and restaurants.

Then, find cards that give you the most cash back where you spend the most money.

I doubt users would expect to receive an invoice for each billing period if they were using a free plan.

#Scenario 2 If the user select a premium plan, we redirect him to a credit card form, that will be then sent to Stripe, and we update the stripe customer account with the temporary card token. : Once the user has selected a plan and updated their payment information I would activate their account straight away providing that the response to the subscription update from Stripe was successful.

Note that some of the cards have no annual fee in the first year, but charge a fee in the following years. If that’s you, you can still find fantastic credit benefits on a card without an annual fee.

Fee terms When looking at cards without an annual fee, you’ll find two different options.

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