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So I like staying on my own, when it’s time to work, we go and work.When I don’t have a job, I go back to my house and think of other things to do.In Nigeria, though, where Black Berry claims its hand-helds account for half of all smart phones, cachet has less to do with the handsets themselves and more to do with the nation’s flimsy infrastructure.

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For Christabel, her role in Room 202, where she got rather too cosy with Frank Artus hasn’t left the tongues of some people who believed the actress really turned on the fire.

Yes, because in the industry, when you start having a lot of friends, it brings you down, your name will get damaged and gossips will be flying.

Friends since middle school, the hosts of 3P's are back together this time, chatting on a podcast instead of the lunch table.

Self described as "a bunch of know-it-alls and experts of nothing, 3P's are serving you all of their hilarious opinions and advice.

Join the 3P's as they share their black, urban-millennial women experiences of friendship, sisterhood, dating, love, traveling, hot topics and self-care. Then You Went to College, Graduated from College, Then Questioned Why the F*** Did I Waste My Time Going to College ? Our podcast explores the topic of what happens after following all the rules with discussions and interviews.

Another Word for Lesbian is a podcast featuring writers Torrie & Erika, 2 queer, black, carefree besties laughing in New York City. We always find ourselves talking about the crazy things that celebrities would do.

Connections are so bad that four of the country’s wireless carriers were fined last May for failing to provide minimum service.

They in turn blamed unreliable electricity and “sabotage.”To solve the problem, many Nigerians buy multiple phones or SIM cards and tie each to a different wireless carrier so they can use whichever one happens to work at any given time or location.

I clicked on You Tube’s play button and waited for the stylish, sassy, sometimes scary clique of upwardly mobile Nigerian women known as the Black Berry Babes to load on my laptop. Finally, the popular Nollywood film series appeared on the screen. Instead of shoes, though, the women covet Canada’s fashionable hand-helds.

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