Modern fascism liquidating the judeo christian worldview

A Comprehensive Faith: An International Festschrift for Rousas John Rushdoony.

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SYNOPSIS Today, rationalist propaganda loudly proclaims that the Nazis were Christians and that Christianity, especially Protestant Christianity, was responsible for the Holocaust and untold crimes against humanity.

Such claims are based on poor history and a failure to understand the complexity of National Socialism, which at its core was a new religious movement.

For the most part, Jewish Palestinians got along with their Arab neighbors.

This began to change with the onset of the Zionist movement, because the Zionists rejected the right of the Palestinians to self-determination and wanted Palestine for their own, to create a “Jewish State” in a region where Arabs were the majority and owned most of the land.

Refuting this misleading conception of history is important for both Christians and non-Christians alike who hope to understand the depth of Nazi evil.

promote the view that Nazi leaders were Christians alienated from the church.

“It is quite a common sight to see an Arab sitting in the verandah of a Jewish house”, the report noted. Needless to say, for Palestine to have been officially partitioned, this recommendation would have had to have been accepted by both Jews and Arabs, which it was not. would have had no authority to take land from one people and hand it over to another, and any such resolution seeking to so partition Palestine would have been null and void, anyway. Many commentators today point to this rejection as constituting a missed “opportunity” for the Arabs to have had their own state.

“The position is entirely different in the Zionist colonies.”The U. became involved when the British sought to wash its hands of the volatile situation its policies had helped to create, and to extricate itself from Palestine. Moreover, General Assembly resolutions are not considered legally binding (only Security Council resolutions are). But characterizing this as an “opportunity” for the Arabs is patently ridiculous.

If Marxism was left wing, fascism had to be right wing.

If Marxism championed the proletariat, then fascism had to champion the bourgeoisie.

Once World War II began, Kolnai’s work was quietly forgotten because it clashed with the portrayal of Nazis in British and American propaganda as unthinking thugs.

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