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As a result of the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution, it seemed that mankind might make a decisive break with the scarcity and oppression that had characterised previous eras. The French Revolution proved that a radical reconstruction of society on abstract principles was likely to end in tyranny and bloodshed.

But after 1815, the 19th century developed into one of the most successful epochs in history.

As we look forward to the First World War commemorations, three stark conclusions are hard to refute.

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There’s just this amorphous yearning that’s a part of your life, and that’s that. The news quickly got back to Alana herself, who stayed as far away from me as possible for days after.

But for me, it became suddenly relevant a few months later, when during recess one day, one of the girls in the class started asking each of the boys, “Who do ” Each person she told covered their mouth with uncontrollable laughter. If she knew what a restraining order was, she’d have taken one out.

There are also a few attempts to distance himself from the extremity of his title.

He had wanted to call the book The Fraudulent Phallus: understandably, his publishers thought not.

Living standards, life expectancy, productivity, medicine, the rule of law, constitutional government, versions of democracy – there was dramatic progress on all fronts, and in the spread of civilisation across the globe.

Then one of the scourges of modern life struck and killed. Queen Victoria’s son-in-law, he was a thoughtful man who had an easy relationship with his English relatives.When you’re seven, there aren’t really any actionable steps you can take when you’re in love with someone.You’re not even sure what you want from the situation.The new Emperor, William, Albert’s grandson, was more like some of the worst Hanoverian princes.Envious and insecure, he was a strutting little ponce of an emperor: Kaiser Sarkozy.By temperament he was a constitutionalist, a liberal and no enthusiast for militarism.

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