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She then said she'd "never date another bisexual woman" and that she was once "really butch bull dyke for, like, six months ... From being a giant motorcycle-riding lesbian, I turned into a zombie.

I lost, like, 30 pounds." If this doesn't sound like the most stereotypical picture of a non-queer person's idea of a gay woman, then add in some Birkenstocks and Melissa Etheridge. When rumors hit the internet that the Diablo Cody-penned Jennifer's Body would include a "lesbian kiss" between Megan and Amanda Seyfried, I was hopeful.

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Fox has been with husband Brian Austin Green since 2005, a f*cking lifetime in the world of Hollywood.

Hell, they even managed to make it work and reunite after a separation in 2015, going on to have a third child together.

There are those that are mean girls, surely, but I think the problem that most people have with Megan Fox, if they care enough to have one, is what she represents.

And to me, as a queer woman, she is representing the male-manufactured idea of bisexuality. She's young, she's rich, she's ogled by men and women alike.

Should I talk to craft service and make sure they have Lunchables for your girlfriend? “There’s no food here with cartoon characters on it,” the actress topped it off.

Brian Austin Green has a baby on his hip as he greets me at the door of the Los Angeles home he shares with his wife, Megan Fox.

That scares me because it's just so sick on so many levels.

Megan Fox I've never really socialized; I've always been anti-social and preferred to be at home.

She's poised, as the Times writes, to become the new "Angelina Jolie." (Willingness to do it with women: Check.) The difference is that Angelina is universally adored and lusted after by men and women. However, she's not exactly my idea of a poster child for the LGBTQI community.

It must be hard for Megan Fox to meet women if they all hate her. The first time she mentioned being attracted to women in an interview, she said she'd been with a Russian stripper named Nikita, which she later admitted was a lie.

But the latest New York Times magazine cover woman claims that women hate her. Girls think I'm a slut, and I've been in the same relationship since I was 18.

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