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Security was tight on Tuesday (April 18) at The Peninsula Hong Kong, where the couple arrived by helicopter and avoided the media completely, said Oriental Daily News.The carefulness extended to the official wedding photos that were issued to the press.A first set of pictures showed the groom and groomsmen but not the bride.

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A good on-screen couple, and the series was so funny! i kindda of like her cos she's quite natural on screen...

Liked her in the ancient mystery series with Dicky...

The strange thing was, 5 years ago, Anita dreamt that she really gave birth to a baby boy.

She could see the boy's face very clearly – he was very handsome with nice, long slender fingers.

My question is are they really a couple or are they just acting as a couple on tv?

If they are a couple in real life, wow, they make such a cute couple..Tuesday February 10, 2009Two couples in the entertainment industry known for their conjugal love, Michael Miu and his wife Jamie Chik, Julian Cheung (Chilam) and his wife Anita Yuen, attended Alan Tam and Hacken Lee's Left Alan Right Hacken (左麟右李) concert the night before last.Anita specially requested her favorite song, Who Could Change (誰可改變, originally sang by Alan Tam) from TVB's The Fearless Duo (天師執位).Since the drama's main lead Michael was present, Alan asked the two couples to come up on stage to sing and dance together.It was funny when Anita 'abandoned' Chilam to hold Alan's hand, he said with a laugh: "You aren't afraid your husband is unhappy?[also Mu Tong (慕童)] and wife Anita Yuen (44) for a 2 months world tour holiday during the upcoming summer holidays. When asked how he will celebrate Father's Day, he says that he would be very happy if his young son gives him a seashell picked from the beach or a simple card.

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