Is there speed dating in utah

Herbert discussed meeting with rounds of lobbyists one-on-one in kind of “speed dating” to discuss policy issues.

“However we want to do this — if we want to have multiple meetings or we sit down and talk and you give us a check later or before.

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However you would like to do it,” Herbert said in a recording obtained by the Salt Lake Tribune. I’m Available Jones.” Herbert’s campaign finance director, Liv Moffat, laid out the basics of the fundraising strategy based on a recent event with prominent Utah lobbyist Doug Foxley. We’ll schedule it, you can come have 15 to 20 minutes with the governor.” Utah is one of the few states that doesn’t limit campaign contributions.

“We gave [Foxley] two hours, we paraded seven clients in at [Foxley’s] office, we went to [his] office, 20 minutes, collecting checks and talking specifically about their issues,” Moffat explained in the recording. Individuals, businesses and labor unions can make unlimited donations to political campaigns. Herbert, when he was first running for the office in 2009, defended the unlimited contributions as a way to ensure that candidates who weren’t wealthy could raise the funds necessary to compete for office.

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