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If this is an older plant, you may want to snip off the boys and see what it does next year.wait, is it a hermaphrodite or is it a male?Occasionally a boy will slip into the mix and you get a bad rhizome.

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Im chatting with a few new friends,we are even thinking of meeting up this summer! We will have a four bedroom house with three full bathrooms set against the mountains. I am not a hermaphrodite nor do I have any friends that are. I really don't understand why we have to only have two sexes and...

Im at work now and thought it was a good idea to... We will have horses for horse back riding in the mountains, hiking, fishing. People say that true hermaphroditism does not exist in humans; I can tell you for definite that it does.

In biology, a hermaphrodite can be defined as any animal or plant that has both the male and female reproductive organs.

Many plants and animals, particularly invertebrates, possess hermaphroditic characteristics and they have the ability to act as a male or a female.

Does anyone have any information on what I think is a hermaphrodite hop plant I have? Occasionally a boy will slip into the mix and you get a bad rhizome.

I was just out harvesting the 1st year chinooks and found 2 seed pod clusters in the top 3 feet of the plant. I am assuming the plant needs to be destroyed and unless I find other info thats what I plan to do with it. If this is all boy and shows no sign of cones, get rid of the whole plant.

Nevertheless, it is believed that the mutation of the sex-determining gene and the fertilization of an ovum by two sperms are possible causes.

A female pseudo-hermaphrodite has ovaries but, has male or ambiguous characteristics externally.

Most populations of animal species (and most notably our own) are roughly half male and half female, so this is the standard we tend to accept as "normal".

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