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“There was always a piano in the house and I just got up and started playing even though I’d never played before.

Influenced by everyone from Al Green, Michael Jackson to David Bowie Andrew’s formative years were also spent listening to Radio One, reggae and jazz.

Pinpointing the beginning of his musical career as a child he vividly remembers being mysteriously drawn from his bed to play the piano in his living room.

Born into a musical dynasty, his uncle Bill Roachford was a virtuoso saxophonist.

Everything was going pretty much as planned at this year’s Edinburgh festival, until I ruptured my Achilles tendon while podium dancing on stage.

With six or seven musical acts each of four nights at the church, and with at least that many on the big outdoor stage at the castle, it is impossible to take it all in, let alone review and/or report on all.

Claudia Black seemed to play a sort of bounty hunter/mercenary type person.One of my favorite episodes was the one when SG-1 got captured by that bounty hunter, the one whose species couldn't be parasitized by the Goa'uld, and was addicted to some weird drug. I hate the whole "hot chick bounty hunter/criminal" thing. Because the last time they aired that episode (where she stole Hammond's spaceship), the commercial's narrator specifically mentioned "...featuring Claudia Black." Well Ben Browder is coming in as a regular character, so it will be interesting to see how they play the characters against each other.Will Claudia Black's character turn out to be from that race? Or is she just another boring old human from someplace or other? Also, apparently RDA (the O'neal character) isn't going to be a major character in season 9 (taking over the in-show job of homeland security, the spot that Gen. So wonder what this is going to do to the show's dynamic. Claudia Black seemed to play a sort of bounty hunter/mercenary type person.This Eastern-Central European gala takes place in a small town in the region of Lower Silesia, an area adjacent to the Czech Republic on the country’s southwestern rim, previously German until the gerrymandering that followed the Second World War and now solidly Polish. There are also Czechs, Germans, Russians, Ukrainians and even Brits, but we didn’t spot any other Americans.The ruins of a huge castle dating back to the 13th century sit atop a steep precipice and, along with a large, flat, gently sloping field where the audience crowds in front of the main stage, serves as the seat of the festival.The upper, outdoor levels of the castle house clothing and accessory vendors, plus food and drink stands.

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