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The suspicion is that a star indicates a gold brass bell (higher copper content), while a "B" indicates a "French brass" bell.None of this is confirmed at the moment (July 2009).Just acquired a Getzen Super Deluxe Tone Balanced! You will have to treat that bell with extreme caution to keep yours out of that group of crumpled horns. If we consider that bells were hand hammered into their shape in the early days and that this hammering thinned the product progressively toward the bell rim as the flare was formed, it becomes evident why the oldtimers added just such a 'Kranz' ring.

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There are multiple sources for the Vincent Bach trumpet on the internet today.

We decided to combine into a single timeline reference to better understand the instrument serial numbers vs. We’re always looking for more information/corrections to include, so please email us through our contact us link in the header.

Finally, If you're interested in seeing who else is playing a Getzen instrument you can check the list of musicians, bios, and interviews of those on the Getzen team in the Getzen Artists pages.

It is up to each individual dealer to determine what their retail prices will be.

They came out in response for more 'pro' horns from Getzen. _________________'The Trumpet-Cornet Junkie" Hmmm, my initial blow felt very open, and I was using a mouthpiece with a rather tight throat opening. They give you that Freddie Hubbard machine gun attack on slurred runs. The down side is that these horns get this fantastic sound from a VERY thin and fragile bell.

All I can come up with is: Pre 1964 (before factory fire)The best information I have is that these were introduced not in the 60's, but the '50's. I just found a major dent on 3rd valve lead pipe entry port. The plus features are that they 'come to life' in your hands when played, and have a fantastic vibrant tone with a wealth of overtones, and, the trombone style spit valves are really cool and both are readily accessable at the same time with the left hand,if you have hands as large as mine.

Unfortunately, due to time and production constraints, we haven't been able to update all product photos on the website with newer instruments.

Knowledge is freedom, and ignorance is slavery - Miles Davis The difference between a beginner and pro mouthpiece is practice - tobylou8 Nobody has learned how to play the trumpet. - Maynard Ferguson Don't be afraid to try something different.

The best suggestion is to contact your local Getzen dealer with a model number and ask them what their prices are.

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