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"I've got a favour I want to ask," the President said."I'd like you to run the re-elect."Messina accepted, and swapped a deputy chief of staff's cramped White House office at the epicentre of Washington power for the sprawling campaign headquarters 700 miles away in Chicago, in a skyscraper overlooking Grant Park where Obama spoke on that unforgettable victory night in November 2008.

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The elder Bush had Lee Atwater; Bill Clinton had James Carville, and George W had Karl Rove.

In fact, Messina's abiding sporting passion is the Grizzlies football team from his alma mater, the University of Montana.

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Other chat options you can try out include Cam4 Chat which is like random chat except you are connected with 4 strangers at once and Chat Rooms which allow you to connect with people based on interests.

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