Gay dating acronyms

Welcome to our reviews of the Best Gay Dating Sites of 2017 (also known as Gay Dating Sites).

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At the same time they want to conserve their energy and time to indulge in other activities.

Here you will find a list of dating, relationship and related acronyms used by people when messaging usually by texting, instant messaging and emails.

AAK -- Asleep at keyboard AAMOF -- As a matter of fact AAMOI -- As a matter of interest AAR -- At any rate AAS -- Alive and smiling ADDY -- Address AFAIK -- As far as I know AFK -- Away from computer keyboard AFAIC -- As Far As I'm Concerned AFAIK -- As Far As I Know AM -- Away Message ASAP -- As soon as possible A/S/L -- Age/Sex/Location ATM -- At the moment Why use them? These acronyms are also a way of showing your Internet acumen to a potential date.

They also reflect your adeptness at being modern and in sync with societal pace and lifestyle.

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Men Nation is a huge gay dating site based on the popular Adult Friend Finder adult dating site - it has all the same great features, but uses just a subset of the enormous Adult Friend Finder database.

Basically, any men that have registered with Adult Friend Finder, who have expressed an interest in meeting other men (and there are millions) will also appear on Men, along with all the guys who have joined Men ..

Common acronyms Some acronyms are a must in online dating chat rooms.

These instant messages will reflect on your Internet savvy attitude. These acronyms resemble the acronyms used by people while chatting in general.

Gay XXX Dates is a dating site specifically for gay and bi users and, as the name implies, there is a focus on the more erotic side of dating.

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