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The fact of the matter is you wouldn't meet anyone of the opposite gender at all with whom you could become friends with perhaps later partner up with.

Extreme as this is - this would be the outcome of not mixing and matching socially, making new friends and generally getting involved in church.

Make your Christian soulmate search simple or specific as 101 is a free dating agency service ONLY for Christians.

We have members all over the world in the US - American, Canadian, New Zealand, single Australian Christians, English, Irish, Welsh, Brazil... More about 101 online Christian Dating Agency Meeting, mixing and matching was always difficult at church - not any more.

I think using the web to fund causes was quite a new idea back then at the end of 1998.

Now it's called 'crowd-funding.' Looking back I am somewhat embarrassed at my over-ambitiousness - if I'd known the problems I would encounter along the way I would probably have never started, but glad I did when I see the Christians we have brought together:) I quickly realized that with no money, no web knowlede and no members - I couldn't create my 'charirty' without some kind of membership base.

Fusion101 - now called '101 free Christian dating service' has always been open to Christians around the world internationally and mainly focused on helping singles, but was also open to any Christians looking for friendship and fellowship (we have since changed it to focus just on singles as it was a little confusing and to that end we now have a separate - 101 Christian social network).

So whilst 'Fusion101' as it was originally called, started humbly from my parents garage as a British based website and mainly catered for UK single Christians - indeed our first members were from the UK, we quickly gained 1000's members from the US, Canada and just about every country globally.

Fusion101 offers single Christians globally a great range of 100% free singles and date services and some of them are listed here. 101 is one of the best places to meet Christian singles online free.

Choose the characteristics that are important to you such as interests, background, height, denomination, age or professional occupation.

Good question since if God is really an all-knowing all-seeing God, then surely he will produce the right person at the right time?

In a sense that has to be right doesn't it - it's rather like Jesus either being God - ie who he said he was or a crazy man!

Fusion's online Christian dating agency makes it so easy to find compaitble partners for fun, friendship, marriage and love.

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