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You may already know some of the players through your friend network, or you can meet new people.

Some examples of social network games include Mafia Wars and Farmville.

The Friend Finder Networks hack, if confirmed, would outstrip that of Myspace in its impact.

The exposure of an estimated 360 million accounts of Myspace users was reported earlier this year.

The sites were hacked in October through a local file inclusion vulnerability on Friend Finder Networks that was reported at about the same time by a researcher.

Soon after disclosing the vulnerability, the researcher, who used the Twitter handle 1x0123 and is also known as Revolver, stated on Twitter that the issue was resolved, and “..customer information ever left their site,” according to CSO’s Salted Hash. The network, however confirmed to ZDNet that it identifed and fixed a vulnerability that “was related to the ability to access source code through an injection vulnerability." Leaked Source said it found that passwords were stored in plain visible format or using the weak SHA1 hashed (peppered) algorithm, increasing the possibility of their misuse.The free version of senior friend finder also allows you access to limited access to the search tools however you are unable to view the full version of profiles.The upgraded version of this site is based on silver and gold membership.The site is running around gender ratio which is good for any dating site.Like any friend finder network site it’s based on the same interface with a user friendly intuitive setup.If you have any questions head over to the senior friend finder help section where you can find answers to most frequently asked questions.

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