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LGBT people who already had lived largely abroad moved away permanently.[T]he homophobia and heterosexism that already existed ... Gender and sexuality explicitly entered political discourse even as vaguely worded laws increasingly targeted gender-transgressive men believed to be homosexual ... Between 19[,] male homosexuals suffered a range of consequences from limited career options to detention in street sweeps to incarceration in labor camps. Long hair, tight pants, colorful shirts, so-called effeminate mannerisms, "inappropriate clothing," and "extravagant hairstyles" were seen as visible markers of male homosexuality.

At single-sex programs, you'll find little to no emphasis on fashion, makeup and outward appearances.

Instead of worrying about whether they'll find a summer sweetheart, campers can focus on building friendships and learning new things about the world and about themselves.

This gives him a unique perspective on civil liability in abuse cases.

He knows how to conduct the civil case while the criminal case may be pending, in order to maximize a victim’s chance of financial recovery.

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As the pressure to be popular, mature and independent increases, anxiety levels can skyrocket.

Spending a week or two without that stress may be just what your child needs to regroup and recharge this summer.

Watch a You Tube video of an interview with a former client of the firm.

The client filed a civil molestation lawsuit against a state court judge and won.

When you're weighing the pros and cons of summer programs this year, you might want to consider the benefits of a single-gender camping experience.

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