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Most IM logs appear in one of two places on a Windows PC: the user's My Documents folder or within the IM client's folder located in the Program Files folder on your computer's C: drive.

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The script will create a tab-delimited index file containing the file-system metadata specified by the examiner.

Detects and avoids long output paths automatically.

The line rolled out Voom -- the fastest Wi-Fi at sea -- fleetwide in 2016.

Just like connection speeds at sea, internet charges vary by cruise line.

A common feature on most instant messaging (IM) clients is an option that records your chat conversations called IM logging.

These IM logs, often as simple as a text file, chronicle the chats you have with your IM contacts.

Some lines charge by the minute, and others offer daily or voyage-long packages. Plus, a lot of major cruise lines are beginning to offer tiered usage packages that are priced based on the types of sites and online services passengers use.

For example, Royal Caribbean has one package for those who just want to browse the web or send emails and another more expensive package for passengers intending to stream shows and movies.

It is possible your IM client does not have IM logging active.

Check your settings by visiting the client's preferences, then find the IM log options.

While some users might look up their IM logs to find the address or telephone number of an online contact given during the course of the conversation, others could search for such records as a means of gaining unsolicited access to your personal chats.

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