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The company “doesn’t always get it right and sometimes ads appear where they should not,” she said, adding that it would make changes to policies and brand controls.Since the publication of the story many brands and advertisers have pulled their ad campaigns pending clarification from Google.I have openings for serious obedient subs that can tribute only.

I spent many years at Storyful (which was acquired by The Times’ owner News Corp) with breaking news content on You Tube, and working with my colleagues to find original — often graphic — content, working on You Tube for the web first, and then via the API to find content that is real/original, re-uploaded/copies, copyrighted content, or what is often referred to now as ‘fake’ content.

This would often involve millions of API calls to find and verify the content we needed.

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Mostrous tweeted an image of The Times editorial that went with the story There are two issues at play from the original story; one is that such extreme videos are on You Tube at all; and the second that advertisements from premium brands are appearing adjacent to this type of content — allowing publishers of such content to make money from public and private sources of ads — often without the knowledge of the brands themselves.

I’m inclined to say that both Alexi and Benedict are correct and wrong, but for different reasons.

Our principal aim, based on the new National Curriculum is to develop children’s fluency, reasoning and problem solving.

Club Cooee asks that you respect the Club Cooee community, as well as any individuals participating in the Club Cooee community.

This is when Maths and English are focussed on most heavily as the children are fresh and ready to absorb these vital learning opportunities.

We use a variety of teaching and learning styles in Mathematics.

Be among the people to get our exclusive connections.

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