Disabled devotee dating

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I would like to think that most devotees care about the person first, and see the disability as an added attraction but no substitute for personality, humor, looks, intelligence, etc. I wonder if the crazies have driven the nicer devotees underground, for fear of being associated with them.

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When you think about things that people generally find sexy, disability probably doesn’t spring to mind.

But there are some people that find disabilities a big turn on, and I’ve been exploring one of their communities – Paradevo.

Well over half of DPWs have felt this pathological attraction since childhood, as typical in paraphilias.

The Amelotatist (see References) found that 75 percent of its sample of 195 were aware of the attraction by age fifteen.

I’ve learned something new (and often painful) from most of these pieces.

There isn’t enough out there for me to make a statistical assessment, but I’ve certainly run into quite a lot of not-so-positive views of the attraction, mainly that we are all creeps (it was nice to read your kinder view).

I have just finished putting together my talk for the NAIDEX show.

I am giving 2 seminars at the show, one on Tuesday and the second on Thursday.

Those attracted often cherish early memories of a sexuoerotic tragedy (a "first sighting") involving an object of their future attention, often an older member of the opposite sex, as stereotypical in paraphilic etiology.

About a quarter report discovering the paraphilia in puberty and a few in maturity.

I can certainly understand that some people would feel a sense of resentment at someone finding pleasure in what is probably a significant source of pain for them.

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