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He grew up in a small town name Walden situated in upstate New York.

He grew up with interest in sports and was indulged in many sports activities, but loved playing Baseball, Rugby and Hockey.

Annable credits Plattsburgh State Television for preparing him for his successful career in television.

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Emily Van Camp and Dave Annable struck up a relationship in 2007 after playing siblings on ABC's Brothers and Sisters (their chemistry was so strong that producers twisted the show's plot so that they were no longer related).

They lasted a little over a year before Emily left the show and Dave's now-wife, Odette Yustman, was cast as his new love interest.

My parents took us to temple and church and said, 'you figure it out.' I didn't really grow up religious. But as you get older you never know which way you'll go.

Or so went the hype after a report popped up that the actors were "all over each other" at The Palm in Beverly Hills—which, firstly, isn't really the spot for a discreet date, what with being a celeb-frequented paparazzi magnet and all. News that Courteney and Will are "just friends."But why the instant assumption, commingled with hope, that the two were on a date?

I am probably the stupiest mathematician you will ever meet.

Don't ask me any addition questions, subtraction questions... John has a brillant mind for numbers, so hopefully Kaya will actually be able to figure out some math problems!

First of all, with Jennifer Aniston having finally married Justin Theroux this summer, there is now an opening in the part of the world's collective soul that was reserved for fretting over a celebrity's love life.

Jen is taken care of, so now we're in need of someone else's happily-every-after to fixate on. Rachel didn't settle down before Monica, therefore there's a disturbance in the force.

Annable attended Valley Central High School and graduated in 1997.

He attended college at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh (SUNY Plattsburgh).

Why the seeming rush to get Courteney Cox paired off again?

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