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Like with all RTS games, you have to collect resources to build your armada.

In keeping with trek lore, this is in the form of dilithium, which is harvested from nearby asteroids.

You can then build vessels and other structures, assuming you have the right tech level, resources, as well as crew members, who you can recruit at you starbase.

Multiplayer is also like many other strategy games, allowing you to take on human or A.

After the Borg are beat back, the captain of the Premonition explains that he has come back to warn the federation of an impending Borg invasion that has taken place in the future, and it is up to the player to stop this from happening.

As this is an RTS, gameplay is based on space combat, and all vessels featured are all authentic Star Trek vessels.

How the story unfolds depends on which of the four factions you choose.

Shortly after the Dominion War, the Enterprise-E is on patrol when they encounter a time anomaly, out of which emerges the federation USS Premonition, under attack from the Borg.

It has all the tools (brushes, layering, text, patterns, etc.) you'll need to create original artwork.

Your mobile device can now take the place of your old paper-bound sketchbook. Now you can find out simply by pointing and shooting.

As more artists and designers work outside brick and mortar with on-the-go projects, app designers and developers have done a good job of creating mobile tools for Apple devices to help complete projects and assist with various tasks.

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