Dating johnson brothers china

Identify your pattern by using the reference guide. If you have a plate, and you can see the edges are scalloped (shell-shaped), then proceed to the chapter marked Scalloped Rim.The guide is broken down into separate chapters based on shape or pattern. Read the information about your pattern shape once you have located it in the appropriate section chapter (you can identify your pattern by the several hundred illustrations of designs).However, it must be born in mind that the prices put on by sellers may be a trifle optimistic at times.

A fourth brother, Robert, relocated to the United States around 1900 to establish a presence in the tableware market that was emerging in the United States.

Johnson Brothers tableware was becoming very popular in America due to its inexpensive and durable product.

The purchase of the factory in Stroke-on-Trent marked their first venture as entrepreneurs.

Building a reputation on basic whiteware known as "semi-porcelain," the company created a slip that had the delicate characteristics of fine china, but the durability of ironstone.

More than 1,300 patterns have been created throughout Johnson Brothers' history.

Because of the high volume of various shapes and patterns, identifying and dating a piece of china is difficult without a reference guide. reference guide is available to help you to locate and date your pattern of Johnson Bros. Purchase or borrow a reference guide for Johnson Bros. This is necessary because the company has been continuously making patterns since 1883, and dating a single piece will be extremely difficult--if not impossible--without a guide.‘Johnson Bros’ China, as the break-away grandsons became known, developed a durable earthenware dinnerware they called "White Granite".It was originally the brain-child of Meakins the older firm.White granite was not a porcelain or bone china but lightweight, fine, and beautifully printed earthenware.Their reputation for quality but inexpensive dinnerware was only just beginning.Some pieces are extremely rare--even an expert cannot locate and detail all pieces manufactured by every factory.

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