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Observations that are not to be updated can be omitted from the transaction data set.

See Reading, Combining, and Modifying SAS Data Sets in replace existing values in the master data set.

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This variable is initialized to 0 and is set to 1 when UPDATE processes the last observation. However, to reduce processing time, you can create a transaction data set that contains only those variables that are being updated.

The transaction data set can also contain new variables to be added to the output data set.

We've taken many steps but they don't seem to be tracking with the real problem: It's not an issue with my file or my sources not updating, it is an issue with the service not retaining uploaded datasets.

My only choice at this point would be to upload the file under a different name and completely rebuild the reports, which is not a sustainable solution.

I'll take advice from the community, but I basically want to get this message out that these errors can't continue.

Nobody seems to know how to resolve this "internal services error" from all the forums I've looked at.

When we do an update and catch the event: void Grid View1_Row Updating(object sender, Grid View Update Event Args e) we thought we could get the values from the New Values collection of the Grid View Update Event Args e. (When you use a data source, the collection is filled with the new data). So all I want to do is this simple thing: ---- Hi, I have now the same problem. And I want to update my dataset whenever the user wants to change the values shown in the gridview. for instance, if you've got a textbox on the 1st column, then you'll have to do something like this to get its text; ((Text Biox)grid. For Bound Fields I just grabbed the Data Field property and used that as the key in the returned dictionary, but for Template Fields I didn't have that option so I just used the Sort Expression property (which means when implementing the grid, you'll have to specify the Sort Expression for your Template Fields even if sorting isn't enabled; if you don't it just creates a key called "Key X", where 'X' is the column number).

Then update in one hit the database with the dataset (with batch updates). I apologize if the forum screws up the formatting; bear with me. Declare a simple Data Helper class with a method that will return the Data Set you get back from data layer, say Data Helper.

Dropping, keeping, and renaming variables is often useful when you update a data set.

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