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The actors stop and start the performance to ask for audience feedback about the best ways to support a friend in an abusive relationship.

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“We are grateful,” says JBWS director of community relations Regina Braham, “to the Randolph Municipal Alliance and the Mountain Lakes Town Club for their grants to sponsor Remote Control.

“The realistic depiction of a dating abusive relationship in the play, leads to a very engaging discussion on how a friend can help both the victim and the person using abusive and controlling behavior.” This is the second year that Randolph High School student Rachel Glineman (l) attended the Youth Leadership Conference.

Though estimates of dating violence vary, one study funded by the National Institute of Justice found the following results from a sample of middle and high schools in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania: • 33% of students responding reported experiencing psychological dating abuse • 18% reported experiencing cyber dating abuse • 21% reported experiencing physical dating violence • 9% reported experiencing sexual coercion Through small group discussions and an interactive play called Remote Control by Deana’s Educational Theater, the students had the opportunity to learn about the warning signs of dating abuse and how to help.

The play depicts a bystander’s response to an abusive relationship.

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