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The elder Houston died at the age of 82 in 2004, and was dismissed from all church duties by his son when he confessed in 1999 to abusing a young boy in New Zealand decades prior.

It was noted that Houston never notified the police and allowed his father, whom he refers to as a pedophile, to receive a retirement package.

Houston called the day he confronted his father "the darkest day" of his life, and intermittently expanded on his remarks on the case throughout the 30-minute press conference, held at The Eventi Hotel.

The religious ritual is also cast as one "dying" to a life of sin and being "resurrected" to a new life based on following Christ.

Hillsong NYC, founded in 2010, holds services at the Irving Plaza concert venue and has baptized members in the rooftop pool of the Gansevoort Hotel, as seen in a video published online.

Lentz rounded out the quartet of church representatives at the press conference, where the group welcomed local media to probe them about the conference kicking off that night and issues related to their ministry work through the multi-city megachurch.

Once the floor was opened up for questions, however, it became clear that some members of the press were more interested in hearing about the sex abuse committed by Brian Houston's father in the 1970s, how Hillsong Church spends its money, and how the senior pastor handles cultural relevancy, specifically when it comes to issues of sexuality. The sex abuse case, for which Pastor Houston's father, William Francis "Frank" Houston never faced prosecution, resurfaced last week during a public hearing on how religious institutions handle such cases in Australia.

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The NYT later reported that "most of the tenants of 1644 Park were parishioners of the church, or affiliated with it in some way." One of the fatalities is a 67-year-old member of the church, reports (WSJ).

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