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Fans have been discussing Emma’s possible addition to the show on Twitter and the reaction seems pretty positive.Other stars who’ve been suggested include Richard Ayoade, Olivia Colman, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Benedict Cumberbatch, Hayley Atwell and Catherine Tate.Reboot of beloved British cop show, with Winstone as foul-mouthed, fist-happy Detective Regan and Drew (aka rapper Plan B) truly impressive as his partner Carter.

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Emma Watson’s i MDB reveals she has no projects coming up after Beauty And The Beast, which is released next year – and filming for which should finish in the coming months. She’s got more balls than most of the previous Doctors put together.

Also this role would mean she’s fronting one of the world’s biggest TV and most influential shows, rather than acting as window dressing in a Hollywood movie, as she has several times in the past.

Their third film, shot in 2009, was entitled Love Hate, and starred Ben Whishaw and Hayley Atwell.

It was chosen for the Edinburgh International Film Festival, Palm Springs Film Festival, London BFI Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Foyle, Omaha, Encounters, Berkshire International Film Festival, Sofia Film Fest (Bulgaria), Tofifest International Film Festival (Poland), West Hollywood International, LA Shorts Fest and Short Shorts Film Festival (Japan).

Joe Johnston, director of The Wolfman and The Rocketeer, takes us back to the early days of the Marvel with the archetypal superhero.

When Steve Rogers (Evans) volunteers to participate in an experimental program, it turns him into super soldier Captain America.

He then attended Jesus College, Cambridge, Ritson is best known in recent years for playing King Edward III in the TV miniseries World Without End (2012), the Duke of Kent in Upstairs Downstairs (2010-2012), Mr Elton in the 2009 BBC adaptation of Emma, Edmund Bertram in the 2007 ITV adaptation of Mansfield Park, He also played the part of Justin in The League of Gentlemen, Idek in God on Trial, and the comic lead in For Elsie, an Oscar-winning short film, which he also co-produced.

He also portrayed the main antagonist in David Goyer’s Da Vinci’s Demons (2013). and was runner up at Minimalen and the Berlin Film Festival.

It also screened at the London, São Paulo and Dresden film festivals.

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