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There are so many variables involved that the short-term price movements appear to be random (academics call this the Random Walk Theory); however, over the long term, a company is supposed to be worth the present value of the profits it will make.In the short term, a company can survive without profits because of the expectations of future earnings, but no company can fool investors forever—eventually, a company's stock price can be expected to show the true value of the firm. It merely takes money from a loser and gives it to a winner. By investing, we increase the overall wealth of an economy.

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At the same time, however, it's important to keep a realistic view of the stock market.

Regardless of the real problems, common myths about the stock market often arise. This reasoning causes many people to shy away from the stock market.

It received ratings and praise good enough to commission a second season.

While dining at Monk's Café, Elaine tells Jerry and George that she is suffering from an allergic reaction to her boyfriend Robert's cats.

There always seems to be a need to buy recent newspapers after the date of publication.

Once the newsagents have taken them off the shelves, how do you find the back issue newspaper you need?

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Many investors wonder whether or not investing in stocks is worth all the hassle.

As companies compete, they increase productivity and develop products that can make our lives better.

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