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Anyone who’s read the first three posts in this series is aware that I’ve not only been buried in the things Musk is doing, I’ve been drinking a tall glass of the Elon Musk Kool-Aid throughout. After emerging from the 1990s dotcom party with $180 million, instead of sitting back in his investor chair listening to pitches from groveling young entrepreneurs, he decided to start a brawl with a .

And all of this, it really seems, for the purpose of giving our species a better future. But someone being exceptionally rad isn’t Kool-Aid worthy enough to warrant 90,000 words over a string of months on a blog that’s supposed to be about a wide range of topics.

The 'Cool Wall' which mimicked Top Gear, a competition for training places which aped The Apprentice, children from CBeebies and content such as a feature on garden gnomes annoyed many viewers.

Much of the widespread criticism was also directed at the fact that the show no longer came from a real garden.

According to friends, Mr Bayford had never learned to drive and could not enjoy the couple’s new fleet of cars – or even the golf buggy they bought, which they say he crashed while trying to navigate his grounds.

Colin Richards, who runs a video rental store near Mr Bayford’s old shop, added: ‘He doesn’t drive, he doesn’t go out, you don’t see him in town.

Three quick notes: 1) PDF and ebook options: We made a fancy PDF of this post for printing and offline viewing (see a preview here), and an ebook containing the whole four-part Elon Musk series: 2) Here’s a G-rated version of the post, appropriate for all ages (with its own URL, so safe to share too).

3) Extra big thanks to our Patreon supporters for making WBW sustainable and for being immensely patient during the long wait.

The magazine BBC Gardeners' World is a tie-in to the programme.

Most of its episodes have been 30 minutes in length, although there are many specials that last longer.

We are defining a new eco-sexy where things like romantic candlelight dinners to save electricity, showering together to save water and sleeping in sheets made from 100% cotton, bamboo or hemp are all very sexy!

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