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If you use either the Configure DNS Server wizard or the Active Directory Installation wizard to install your Windows 2000 DNS server, most configuration tasks are performed automatically and you can avoid many common configuration errors, but you might still want to perform the tests in this section.

Before checking anything else, check the event log for errors.

The forward DNS entries ("A" records) for windows machines on the domain are populated automatically.

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By default, Samba creates the following two forward zones during provisioning/upgrading (of course with your own domain name): The Samba internal DNS is a new implementation.

Although BIND is a grown up DNS and long in production on millions of servers, the Samba BIND DLZ module is still new.

There are a number of zones used in Windows Server 2003 DNS.

The different types of zones used in Windows Server 2003 DNS are listed below: Both primary zones and secondary zones are standard DNS zones that use zone files.

It provides a hierarchically distributed and scalable database, name registration, name resolution and service location for Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 clients, and locates domain controllers for logon.

A is a computer running the DNS Server service that provides domain name services.

Even though the internal DNS and the BIND DLZ modules are new, they both support all basic requirements for Active Directory and more.

A working Active Directory is heavily based on a working DNS.

If you use a third-party DNS server to support Active Directory, you must perform configuration tasks manually, and doing so, you might cause common configuration errors that prevent DNS and Active Directory from working properly.

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