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In the postmodern era, there has been a move from being a word-based society to a more picture-based society.“In a culture that increasingly thinks in images, what are the implications on our evangelical stress of the text?Careful thought goes into scheduling co-taught classes, creating balanced classroom rosters, training co-teaching partners, developing collaborative relationships, and providing appropriate supports for students with disabilities (Walther-Thomas, Korinek, Mc Laughlin, & Williams, 2000).

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A strategy can be thought of as a reasonably efficient and intentional routine that leads to the acquisition and utilization of knowledge (Prawat, 1989).

It is possible that two people with the same advanced knowledge of chess but minimal knowledge of baseball might acquire knowledge about a sacrifice bunt differentially because of differences in how they use knowledge.

Strategy use in the classroom is critical to educational success.

Palincsar and Klenk (1992) provided a framework for understanding the importance of learning strategies.

Important learning and instructional considerations regarding diverse learners’ knowledge and use of strategies are presented in this table: Learning and Instructional Considerations in Addressing Diverse Learners' Strategy Knowledge and Use The use of learning strategies occurs in many different school-related contexts, including solving math verbal problems by creating diagrams of known and unknown quantities; grouping items into discrete categories (e.g., food, clothing, furniture); writing stories by integrating awareness of story grammar, background knowledge, and the intended audience; and studying for a test using a combination of note-taking, rehearsal, and summarization techniques.

In general, research has found that diverse learners do not use these and other types of learning strategies as effectively as average achievers (Wong, 1991).

Obviously, one of the purposes of corps Sunday services is learning, as the sermon is there to instruct people in the Christian tradition.

Music in the service can also play a role in teaching people.

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Life is an ongoing process of learning and growing, and the corps as the people of God gathered together, should be a learning community.

Auditory learners can also tape lectures or review sessions to learn the material or engage in songs to learn material.

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